Saturday, 3 May 2008

Finishing Day

On my final day in London i thought it would best be served with a Broadway and some shopping at the street market, Portobello. Since me and Whitlie's mornings were sadly delayed we missed any chance of finding tickets to Les Mis and thus sadly trotted to Portobello with no plans for the night. But Portobello offered some interesting tales. I head more italian than i have heard all week and i constantly found myself leaning into people's conversation to see if i could catch a note of what they were saying. but before i had an time for translation i was butted out with rude glances. I can't understand why Italians vacating to London don't want a pushy American shoved in their face? Well, ending your trip is always a sad thing to do. So i won't i will just fly to Rome tonight! woot!

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