Saturday, 31 May 2008

Ciao Clase

This is my italian class. This was our last day of class, and boy was it hard to say goodbye. No really it was hard, none of us really speak the same language and i think in those two weeks i learned more chinese than i did italian. My friend Paolo the one kneeling next to Rachael would always talk to us about the Jazz, Streetboy (some rapper) Panda Bears, and pistols. O yea and he asked me and Ray to go the the beach with him and Jason (the hard core looking one). But my favorite was Cezare he is the one that looks like the chinese version of Ron Weasley. I never understood one italian word that came out of his mouth, Paolo would have to translate for me in a little clearer but still butchered italian. But dont worry, we are all now friends on facebook.

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Bryan said...

Oh gosh! When I read this I got into a fit of giggles but had to keep it down because Daniel is sleeping upstairs. Ha ha ha my only hope is that you have picked up on a good Chinese butchered Englsih accent. I'll be waiting