Friday, 16 May 2008

Giorno Final

Today was scheduled to be beach day #2, but sadly the weather did not agree with our plans. On a brighter note Rome always has a back-up plan. Ours was the Basilica of San Pietro along with the dome, la migliore pizzeria, and a scavenger hunt. The Basilica was astounding. Almost completely Bernini and Baroque, the church was quite a massive sight to see. The reason it was built so grand and spacious was to, in a way, fear the people into believing. Because the church wanted to show you how small you are in comparative to the church so you need to come into the church for protection. But my favorite part of the morning was after hiking the 321 steps to the top of the dome in the Vatican and seeing over the city of Rome. It was astounding!! So beautiful, so old, and full of history that I had yet to discover. I suggest that all try and one day look over the city of Rome, it is quite a powerful feeling. . .

My friend Danielle was told by her mother, who had read it in the NY times, that the best pizzeria was in Rome, Forno Bakery. We only had general directions but with the help of a few patience autobus drivers and experiences Italian RMs. We discovered it. It was hiding in the corner of Piazza del Fiori, penso que si. That is the thing about Rome, the best clothing store, food, and pastry shop could be located in the most random places. Meaning, basically you have to eat at every place you pass, or you could be passing the greatest thing of your life. But it is okay for the Romans to do that because they walk so much and smoke every second that they can afford to eat like that. So I guess we discovered the answer to all our problems, smoking and walking. WOOT.
The day did not end there my friend. Since it was only 2pm and we didn’t want to go back and sit at the hotel the seven of us decided to jump on the nearest bus and get off on the fifth stop. While riding Melissa decided that we needed to do a scavenger hunt and find five things. First a Gelateria, second a Pizzeria, third a lingerie store, next a Smart Car and finally a Fountain. Probably the five most common things in Italy. We are pretty sure that each street contains those five essential ingredients, or it isn’t Rome. So if you are walking down a street and see those things good news you just entered the eternal city.

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Bryan said...

TAKE ME THERE AND EVERYWHERE!! Especially the lingerie stores, I've been running low lately.