Saturday, 31 May 2008

Now to Siracusa!

So this coming monday is a national holiday in italia and therefore we all were given the option to travel. One of the boys in our group served his mission in the Catania Mission and so seven girls joined him to visit Sirucusa, Sicilia. We are staying with his buddy Toni the one i am dancing with. But first let me inform you that we took a total of about 13 hour bus rideto get the this party joint. Finally upon arrival we preped up and headed to the beach. The time there was spent cliff jumping, cave searching, avoiding speedos, and some serious sunage. We than purchased our goods and headed to have a baraque out in Eddy's familys cottage home (he is a professional biker, the guy with the blue shirt). That night we headed up to the discoteca, dropped a few beats, and bought ourselves some seriously non-acoholic beverages. Lesson learned from this day: italian men like the kisses, and expect it. Cameron (the boy in out SA) made me practice a few time because he said i did the double cheek kiss awkward. I have definitely improved though. O yea and Siracusa could definitly be a one hit wonder, i am in love with this divine place and its crazy people.

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