Thursday, 28 April 2011

Due Anni in Portofino

We celebrated our two year anniversary on Monday. Yea, I know. Weird. Anyways, in celebration we did this sweet hike that Dylan suggested. This hike goes along the coast of Italy and it is all through this national park. It was fun, hard, cool, and cool. We packed up our bags with towels, food and lots of treats.

This is the thing I wanted to bring home with me from Italy. But the owner of the car told me no. Rude. It is about the size of my checked luggage.

Well, let's get going on the hike.

A big part of the hike smelled like lilacs.

This is the little village we hiked down into and had our lunch and swam and saw lots of nakedness. It was perfect.

We Finished.

We ate lots of delicious focaccia bread because it is famous in this part of Italy and because we don't need a reason.

This is the city we finished our hike in. Well, when we got there I asked Sam to braid my hair and these three older ladies walked by and asked if they could take a picture cause they thought it was so cute. Anyways, they eventually came back over and started talking to us and you could tell they had had a little too much wine. They were from New England and they were cool/crazy/tipsy/funny. It was nice that we could celebrate our special day with them.

The lady demanded to have my camera so she could take pictures of us. I was almost positive she was going to run off with it. I know I would have if I was sloshed. I would do lots of cool things if I was drunk, I am almost positive.

Happy 2 years in Portofino to us. Go love.


Katherine said...

Ugh! Lilacs are my favorite smell!!! Punch!

Christa said...

Happy 2 years! So cute. And as always after reading your posts I'm incredibly hungry.