Thursday, 28 April 2011

Dylan's Genova

Me and Sam tagged along with the Mckinnons on Tuesday. Dylan gave us a delicious tour of one of the cities in his mission. The tour started out with a variety of different focaccia breads. Dylan is here displaying the deliciousness with his stuffed cheeks. Thank you D.

Then Dylan took us to this cool restaurant for lunch that creates a new menu each day. They simply write up on paper what they will be serving that day and when they run out they just cross off that option on your menu. You pay a flat rate of 9 euros and get a drink, first plate, and second plate. It was so fun. We were all so full when we left.

We be walkin'.

We be stoppin'.

We be posin'.

Our view from our balcony. Mckinnons rock for letting us stay with them. The best part about staying with them (besides the free bed, of course) was the up-late game playing we did. Boo-ya.


Katherine said...

Total dream. That last pic looks like it could be in a magazine.

No offense, I can't wait for you guys to come home. Miss you!!!!

Brownbellies said...

I love those red toms touring Europe, mine just tour the dirty streets of NOLA. You both look so happy. I love SAMs hair too. Looks like you had fun with B & D. Cant wait to see you in June! Loves!!!!