Monday, 18 April 2011

The Wonders of Trapani

From London we flew down to Sicily to spend a few days on it's western coast. We didn't know much about the place before buying the flights, but the flights were cheap and the place seemed cool enough so we bought them. Now we only wished we had a few more days there.

After a whole day of traveling, we're finally enjoying our first true Italian gelato of the trip.

Booking hostels is always pretty risky. We found one on that had bikes to use for free. We expected a dump, but were surprised by a spacious room with a small balcony, fast internet, and great breakfasts daily. There were 3 beds in our room, which we had all to ourselves.

We took off on the bikes Sunday morning to go to church, but after an hour of searching we returned home unsuccessful. I was most sad because I really wanted to show off some of my new clothes that I bought from Primark in London. Sorry about how ugly the face is. Many people say I have a knack for ugly faces.

Here's a few shots of our bike ride down the coast.

Believe it or not, Reagan is actually where a swimsuit in this pic.

Show casing my long locks.

Cool looking boat.

For lunch we stopped at the ONLY place that was open in town, this little restaurant/bar. They had the food sitting out, and all they did was throw it in the microwave and serve it to us, and it was still tasted like what you'd eat at a restaurant in the states. Reagan's rantings and ravings about Italy were not exaggerated.

There's a mountain right next to Trapani called Mount Erice (pronounced Eriche). There's a small, ancient town on top that use to be quite an important one until the Carthigians conquered it during the Punich Wars. We decided to jump on the bikes and climb it.

We ended up walking about have of it because the wimpiness of the bikes (mine only had one gear) but we eventually made it to the top.

Here's a few pics of the city on top of the mountain, also called Erice.

Reagan was so beat once we got to the top that she had to sit on a bench while I ran around to find an affordable place for us to eat. Lazy bum.

Pizze and arancine (fried rice balls filled with yumminess, a sicilian specialty). One of the arancine had pistachio bits mixed in with the meat filling. Sicily is know for their Bronte pistachios so they use pistachios is everything from their meat to their gelato. ( Reagan's favorite was the pistachio cream filled croissants).

Cannoli and other unknown pastry. The cannoli was mind-blowingly awesome, Sicily is also known for their Cannoli.

The ride down was AWESOME! It was roughly 6 miles of down-hill with a beautiful view of the ocean. No peddling required.

We ended the day with a romantic walk on the beach during sunset. The perfect ending to the perfect day.


Bryan said...


Jourdan said...

that post was hott.
I want to jump in your guys' skin so bad (in a not so nasty way).

I can't wait to hear you guys reminisce about this time you have together. CHANCE of A LIFETIME! SO MUCH FREAKING FUN--you must have to pinch yourself every day!!!

Katherine said...

This is hurting my feelings.... but I love it too!!!!

Christa said...

I love how much you guys post about food! I'm always hungry after one of your posts! It sounds so fun to ride a bike all over the place and eat eat eat delicious food. I want to try a canoli.

Jane Ann Fosson said...

This trip is seriously better than the bachelor. You guys are living a dream, and I'm so happy for you! I'm so glad that you are not letting anything pass you by. Just next time, will you please take me along?