Thursday, 14 April 2011

I Fancy You

Wednesday was a market day, renting bikes day, and a show day.

Sam has deep appreciation for Justin Bieber. He tells me he is suffering from the fever.

Sam made a friend at the market, that girl is totally jealous. She was flirting with the steel worker for hours and then Sam comes up out of no where and they are like bffs.

I look at Sam with such pride. The following are a couple pictures from our bike ride around primrose, Notting Hill, and some parks.

Then we ended the night with this really cool musical Billy Elliot. The lead of the play is 12 years old and tonight was the actor's first performance. He had to train for 1 year before performing. He was so adorable. You could obviously tell the musical was British because their had no filter for the language.

THE NEXT MORNING. OXFORD. (meaning this morning for us). I turn the time over to Sam. Hit it Sam.

Oxford is the type of town I picture when I imagine what England is like. Old, brick buildings with ivy growing up the side, square buildings with a courtyard in the middle, and things like that.

We went on a tour of the University and parts of the town and learned loads. For example, Oxford is made up of 38 colleges that are actually quite independent. When applying to Oxford, students generally apply to a specific college. Many colleges even offer many of the same subjects. I think it is actually a rather bizarre set up. Crazy brits.

Below is a picture of the Bodlein Library. Unlike most libraries, you have to schedule a time just to sit and read. I "shot from the hip" on this picture, but it actually turned out decent! Reagy's cute.

Courtyard of Lincoln College.

Dining hall of one of the college. Looks like Harry Potter, huh? They filmed the movie in a different college, but they are all designed the same.

On our tour we discovered that C. S. Lewis got a great deal of his inspiration from things around Oxford University and around the pub where he and J.R. Tolkien use to meet. The inspiration for the lamp post from The Lion, The Witch, and the Wardrobe is pictured above and Mr. Tumnus is below.

Grooms wedding cake. Biz.
Reagy with her famous victory pose. This picture is the first one she's seen of the pose, and I'm afraid we may be seeing less of it in the future.

Game of hang man on the train home. I nearly got her with I F A N C Y Y O U. By the way, they actually say that hear from when a person likes another person. I always thought it was kind of a joke, but I've overheard a number of people say it. Again, crazy brits.


Bryan said...

imma come hang out soon. K?

kim said...

I love the Harry Potter dining hall. I wish I had gone to school there.

Katherine said...

I've been to that Oxford/Potter crud!! I just need to connect to this post for a moment. I love that joint.

Katherine said...

That cake....