Wednesday, 13 April 2011

Road Trip on the Coast of Southern England

Hold on to your boots cause this post is a bit lengthy. Not in words just in pictures. No one is making you look at them though so don't get all whiney on me, k? Here we go.

This day was BY FAR my favorite day. It had the perfect combination of deliciousness, beauty, breeze and fun. Look and LOVE.

First of all we needed our necessary road trip treats and then Sam seated up in the right side of the car preparing to drive on the left side of the road. It was scary, I'll admit it.

We stopped first in Brighton where we saw this sign and we couldn't pass up some mushy peas!!! It really was good though.

We ate it on the beach and we liked it. They also had the option to pour vinegar on our fries which I had never done before. I liked that as well. We are very 'liking' people. I think this trip is really changing us. I like change. O crap there I go again liking stuff. SHUT THIS GIRL UP!

We couldn't resist the fun that was going on at the pier. So we joined them.

And then Sam persisted on beating the high score of this basketball arcade game.

And the result was Sam's tickets=210

Reagan's=40. This was something I DIDN'T like.

These were our AMAZING prizes. I mean seriously put $$$ into their games and you get prizes worth around 2 dollars. LOVE IT!!

Then as we headed farther along the countryside we saw a nearby bowling alley and we couldn't pass it us. It was wonderful to be inside the alley with about 200 kids for some weird kid's birthday party. Spoiled brat. No, I can't say that, I am sure he is a total sweet heart, but why did he need 100 girls at his party. Can't boys be satisfied with one girl these days!! Come on your only 14!

These next 1 million pictures are just pictures from coastal towns. I couldn't limit okay, they were all pretty to me and I was never good at leaving some people out-especially when it comes to pretty pictures.

Then it comes to the point where me and Sam's minds were blown. This is the white cliffs. I think they are shown on the Hollywood Pride and Prejudice. Anyways they were amazing and you could see the coast of France from them. When Sam and I first saw these cliffs we were almost speechless and kind of just embraced each other for a moment because we had reached that moment where you are so full of love for nature you just need to share it. I wish so badly that my cousins Jourdan and Kelsey could have seen this because this place is them. I don't know why but they should have been there.

Can you spot Sam?

We are happy.


Bryan said...

inna come

Whitlie said...

I loved this post! And I loved this place! I'm glad you guys had so much fun!

Christa said...

you guy are cuties. Love it. I love how you just do whatever sounds fun in the moment. I want to do a trip like that. I really do. I don't think I've ever been one to not plan every moment. This looks like more fun!

Kels WooWoo Mermaid said...

Ahh, Reagan, thank you for breathing my name in the same space as the white cliffs. It gives some consolation for not being there. Thanks for bringing us along in your travels! xo

Katherine said...


Jane Ann Fosson said...

Will you please take me with you next time you travel. I have a feeling we would get along pretty well. You guys are so fun! I miss you.

Jane Ann Fosson said...

Will you please take me with you next time you travel. I have a feeling we would get along pretty well. You guys are so fun! I miss you.

Taylor said...

this looks so fun.