Wednesday, 6 April 2011

Relaxing Last Moments

Our last couple moments in Murcia included some wonderful adventures. First of all we packed a delicious authentic lunch and headed to the pools up in the mountains (a common place many locals as well as people across the country, come to relax). This is a special dessert they have in Murcia around Easter. It is a sweet bread with a hard boiled egg and its shell placed in the middle.
These are the pools. There were hot pools, cold pools, indoor pools, outdoor pools and my personal favorite (which you may be able to see in the back) beds in the pools where you could lay and have your back sprayed-like a massage.

This was our last moment at Abuela's for lunch. Isabel said this is where everyone stands for pictures at grandma's, it felt like a special place to stand.

And for our last big dinner (since it was April fools in America) we decided to pull a prank on Borja. He definitely wasn't expecting it since their Fools day isn't till December. It was kind of a dumb prank but we couldn't really think of anything else. We put a bunch of salt in his beloved coke. Instead of getting mad he just sort of giggled. It was worth it.

Lastly I just need to say that any of you that like to cook you need to start following my sister-in-law Heather's blog She has these most amazing recipes and is continually winning little food contests back in Boston. She puts all her winning recipes on her blog. She also does tons of healthy stuff because my nephew needs a very healthy diet because his immune system is so weak, and she wants to mix up the type of foods he needs to eat.

Just follow her stinkin' blog, okay!

Love you guys.

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Christa said...

Love your April fools prank. I'll def have to follow her blog! I love cooking! The beds in the pools sound way nice.