Tuesday, 12 April 2011

So we are like in London and . . um . . totally cool.

First of all the English DON'T sound like that, and secondly we think all their accents are fake. Seriously though at first I was obsessed. My thoughts consisted of "if only a man of such an accent could grace my lips with his" but then I lived in Spain for a while- and my eyes were opened. All the Spaniards are all like "British this, British that, I wish I could be British and wipe the Britishes A's for them." And now the British accent kind of bugs me. I know it isn't fair to them, but I just can't help thinking that maybe their accent is not real and they are just doing it to sounds posh and have the Spanish worship them, just like I did before I found out the truth.

Anyways we are in London and LOVING every second. Almost each new day of adventure we say to each other "this day was better than the last." It just keeps getting better. Here is a little highlight of what we did for our first two days in London (Sunday and Monday).

This is us at Westminster Abbey. Coolio yo yo bear.

I am sorry that most of these pictures are of me and not The Hottie Sam or not of cool english celebrities. I am not quite sure why this is but I am starting to think Sam is totally into me or something, when I figure out the details for sure I will let you know in the meantime enjoy my face.

This is where they do the changing of the guard.

London definitely brings out the good side of me.

Kensington Palace . . as the sun is setting. O yea.

Reagan Jenny Brown Nelson Mermaid WoWo Mary. (My full name. Ask my family)

The big hype right now in London. Even the Relief Society for the London ward is making hats the week before the event and reserving a section of the park to watch the wedding on big screen TVs that will be placed around the park for the whole city to see the wedding. There is even an official bank holiday for the wedding. Um, hello, where were all these people when I got married. My husband is totally hotter than some prince willagabobmin.

This was Sam's first time on the top of a double decker bus. WE WERE SO EXCITED! (Sam is starting to have to wear cute headbands now to keep his hair out of his face. He calls them "sweatbands" or something, but he isn't fooling anyone. We all know he wants to look pretty.

This is just the building of the natural science museum, but it is a sweet building, huh?

This is one of the animals that I thought was sweet. It is a fox bat. So totally flippin coo.

This is a snow leopard which happens to be Sam's and his good friend Dallin's favorite animal.

This is a replica of what the size of a blue whale would be. Gulp. No seriously though . . are you kidding me.

We bought our dinners and went to go eat them in the park before we went to our show that night, but as soon as we got to the park the sky got dark and it start to rain. Seriously out of no where! So I grabbed my delicious hummus salad from pret-a-manager (a deliciously delicious place I had been missing) and Sam grabbed his crap from asian-ville, and we dashed under the nearest tree that we shared with a bunch of other no-gooders. It was actually quite awesome, and it was fun to look around Soho Square and see everybody dashing under the nearest shelter. (Sam's food wasn't that bad it just wasn't posh like mine).

Walking through Picadilly Circus on our way to go see . . .

It was perfect. It was Sam's first time and my second. I loved it just as much as the first time.


Lauren said...

ah! looks so amazing. Regs, did you dye your hair red?

kim said...


Jane Ann Fosson said...

Oh my GOODNESS! I am so jealous. Seriously, Reagan. Although, I guess I am more happy for you than jealous (but only barely). Maybe I will get to go to England to visit Benny on his mission! He got his call last week to Birmingham, England (doesn't include London). So excited! Miss you!

Kylee said...

reagy! Your cute and your life is great!

Christa said...

Wow looks like fun. I love your writing it's so funny! I think when you finally get home we should go out on a double date! Or triple with bry!

Bryan said...

This is actually Dylan commenting... The Natural History Museum is my favorite. I hope you guys got to see the dinosaurs because that is the best display. Now this is Bryan...
he's serious, and flipped out when we saw them (the dinos) last summer.
Love you!

Katherine said...

Oh, how deeply I love that place.