Sunday, 24 April 2011

Siena has Reagan's heart

After a good long train ride to Siena we headed into the city so I could tell Sam all about my time in Siena 3 years ago. Well on our bus ride into the old town of Siena the ticket inspectors came onto the bus and we didn't have tickets. We actually had no clue where you bought them so we just jumped on the bus since it seemed like on one else had tickets either. Sam quickly whispered to me, "Act like you don't speak a word of Italian." They came up to us and said "biglietti? (tickets)" and we just stood there blinking. Finally, when the bus came to our stop the ticket inspectors walked us off the bus and pointed to a store and said tickets. I think they wanted us to go buy tickets and bring them back to them but instead we walked over to the store and then ducked down some street and hid for a while. Then we quickly walked downtown and never saw those dudes again. This is me whilst in hiding. I look sneaky huh?

Two minutes later we were distracted by this blinking sign. This gelateria is the best one in Siena and I use to go there all the time. I got a pine nut flavored gelato. It was killer. And Sam was obsessed with grapefruit. We went twice within an hour.

My favorite thing about Italy. The oldies.

This is the street where some of the other students lived and where we would all hang out.

This is my street.

. . . and my door!! Me and two of my favorite people in the world lived here and we had some amazing adventures on this street.

This is where I took classes.

This is some of the nastiest pizza we have ever had, I don't know why he is smiling.

This is where my internship was. Down in those gardens I would help cook and translate. I even helped with a few cooking classes for kids.

Don't worry next time we rode the bus we made sure to have bought their silly tickets. We won't get in trouble again by those suckers.

So to sum it up:
We got delicious gelato.
We ate nasty pizza.
We walked around where Reagan did her study abroad.
We got caught/not caught by some ticket inspectors.
We chilled in the piazza del campo.
We got more gelato.
We bought a flag.
We road a taxi.
We missed our train the next morning.
We were happy.

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d. said...

Looking at these pictures makes me so happy and sad at the same time. I am happy that you got to be in Siena and sad that I could not be there with you two! I am loving reading your blog and all of your adventures! You guys are the best couple ever, and it looks like you are having the time of your life!