Thursday, 21 April 2011

Mixed Emotions but Obviously We Chose Rome.

Rome had it's good and bad moments. First of all let me say that every time I have come out of the metro station in Rome and it opens up to the colosseum and it is just starring back at me, all big n' stuff, I get goosebumbs. It's kind of unreal. I like to just stare at it and I think it stares back at me. It's a moment. But there is one part of the whole "Rome blows my mind" stuff that goes sour. Read on.

Here is were we started out our journey. . . the spanish steps. Try and find Sammy.

Sam after he dipped his head in the fountain that your suppose to drink from. Always takin' it to the next level you crazy tourist. Or does he look more like a tennis player?

Now try and find me!

K, I don't know what it is but I just thought it was so funny to see this tiny little police car parked next to this ancient monument. I just can't take the police seriously when they drive cars that would crush if I just stuck my luggage on top.

This is my FAVORITE gelato place in Europe. It has 100 flavors and the best granitas in the world. Last time I came here Bryan ate two within minutes, and we felt we needed to do the same. The granita that blew our minds and is still today is a peach mango granita.
Cant. Explain. In. Words.
But wait it gets better, in my other hand is a sesame seed and honey gelato and bronte pistachio gelato. SO HAPPY.


Some dudes standing in the Trevi and screaming something against the destruction of art. It was so crowded we decided we would come back the next day. Actually all of Rome was stuffed full of people because it is Easter week and everyone is on holiday.

Most of the metro is covered in Graffiti in Rome.

Colosseum. Sam. Cool.

Our first night in Rome we met up with a friend from Murcia who lives in Rome and we went to a Tango bar with her and her friends. It included dark lights, lots of dancing, delicious food, and cool drinks.

Sadly the night didn't end well. After a couple hours at the bar Sam stared feeling uncomfortable and stomach sick. We didn't end up getting home til almost 1am and by the time we did he was sure he had food poisoning. Well, once we got to our friends place we also realized our bed was a single sized mattress on a stone floor with a tiny blanket. We both couldn't fit on the mattress when laying flat so we both had to be on our sides and even then I was basically half on the mattress, half on cold stone -miserable. Basically, we didn't sleep all night. In the morning I found out Sam had been puking all night long and when I felt him his body was incredibly warm. Right then I went to and found the cheapest hotel I could and we went straight there at 11 in the morning the following day so Sam could sleep. He looked so miserable and he kept saying he felt so cold. So that day we only had a couple hours in Rome but we made the most of it.

Another down point in Rome is that my favorite pastry shop had turned into this crap hole. A gun shop? really? I can't believe you would throw away the best cannoli's in Rome for murder weapons. Where is the humanity?

Also I distinctly remember these coca-cola umbrellas because there were right next to my favorite pastry shop but when I was here they were red. Love it.

So I bought cannolis elsewhere. I bought two- one for me one for Sam. But oops, I forgot Sam doesn't have an appetite for anything. Darn. I guess I will eat two. My bad.

My miserable hot husband in St. Peter's square.

He really even pooped out while sitting down in the shade, so he had to lay down. People stare, but they don't understand.

Here I am offering you some of my delicious gelato, round #2.

Well ciao to Rome, we loved you but are grateful to leave the throw-up behind us. Call me when you get my pastry shop back. And when you are interested in giving me free flights for another visit!

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