Sunday, 24 April 2011

Nice, France and Old Friends

My old neighbor Evan has been living in Nice, France for the last two years as a traveling musician. He's the guitarist in a band called the Phly Boyz that travel all over Europe and parts of the U.S. performing at private parties for rich people. He's a PHENOMENAL singer and started the band with a few of his friends and a drummer from England. He pretty much lives the life that thousands dream of, and he totally deserves it because he rocks. He and his two friends live in the heart of old town Nice and share two flats between the three of them. They let us stay in one of them for a few nights. They rock.

We got there on a Friday evening. It ended up pouring all day Saturday... I mean all day! But we still loved every second. We went to this little market right around the corner from Evan's place and ate the best pain au chocolat I've ever had. No one really spoke any English or Italian, so it was fun trying to get around with hand gestures and the two or three words of French we know.

Rainy beach day.

Evan treated us to France's attempted at American food for lunch. It was delicious. We giggled while watching all the French people around us eating burgers with a fork and knife.

It was great to reunite with Evan and reminisce about all the dumb things we used to do, which included a lot of singing to Back Street Boys and N'Sinc in his basement. Since it was raining, we decided to do a little jam session. He pretty much could start play any song on the guitar right after listening to it, so we had a blast. We even did a little recording of "Here Comes the Sun" using the sophisticated recording technology of IMovie on my computer. (we'll see if I can get it posted)

Reagan always happily returns my love.

Cloudy beauty at the beach.

We bought some candy at this little stand which ended up being terribly sour, and equally overpriced. We had a competition to see whole could hold a straight face the longest after shoving some in their mouth. I won. I also won the ugly face contest. I always win that one.

Here's Evan and two of his band buddies. I walked upstairs to their flat one evening and they were playing the theme song from the TV show Friends (which happens to be one of Reagan's favorites right now). I told them that Reagan would love to here it, so we went down and knocked on the door. As soon as she opened it, they burst into song. She was mesmerized, and they were awesome. Then we spend the next hour playing the card game version of Monopoly. Evan rocks. Nice rocks.

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Katherine said...

You saw EVAN! How amazing!! So cool of him to hook you up!