Saturday, 9 April 2011

TOOOO Relaxxxxiiinggg . . . .

This last week in Malaga Spain contained a lot of chilling out. The week consisted of...

rock skipping at the beach:

Scorching our skin:


Reading on the beach:

Late night walks on the board walk and the coast:

Nose picking:

Sam learning to fish braid (getting good no?):

Ping Pong:

WAY too much helado:

Fresh mouth-watering fruit:

Me attempting to turn my hair red but I ended up with a bright pink that I eventually attempted to save and ended up with this pooey maroon color.

Random animals walking around on the streets:

Beautiful scenery:

Yet, it included none of this:

We really enjoyed our time in Spain! The food, the people, the beaches - all of it was breathtaking. But we couldn't be more excited to take the next step in our trip and see the amazing city of London.

More news of our adventure to come.


Bryan said...

NEED. primark. clothes. stat.

Jane Ann Fosson said...

Can I just say that this sounds like the best trip ever!? This morning, I was thinking of you and I started reminiscing with Gabe about Europe, and my heart started to ache--just like Bob says he 'aches for Grace' on Return to Me, I ache for Europe! Return to me, Europe fun-times! Plus, I had to hold my laughs in when I saw the nose-picking pic. Only you two would post that. Makes me miss you even more. Muah!

Marissa Mills said...

You two know how to party, that is one fact that should never be questioned. I have a few questions for you two
1- when are you moving to San Fran, we are planning om going there this summer and it would be super sad if we missed you.
2- I am running the SoCal Ragnar this coming weekend, do you have any words of advice?
I miss you guys and have loved reading about and seeing your pictures of Spain.

Katherine said...

Whenever I see your blog I miss you guys!!! Can't wait to have you back! You guys do good stuff!